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Last update : 10/08/2008

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RWIE (RealWorld Icon Editor) software allow creating 3D objects that can be exported in 3DS file format, and exported objects can be used in the Proteus Ares 3D viewer (see page Libraries for Proteus). Version V2006.2 of RWIE don't allow natively 3DS export, but you can add this 3DS export function by following procedure described on this page. In the last V2008.1 version of RWIE, 3DS export is integrated, and the specific procedure specified here for V2006.2 version is not necessary. Please, go to the RWIE forum for more informations.
Comment : remember that Proteus is sold under 3 levels, Level 1 (starting level) to Level 3 (top level). The 3D visualisation of the PCB is only possible in the Levels 2 and 3. Level 1 don't allow 3D vue.

How to add the 3DS export function to RWIE V2006.2 (not applicable for V2008.1)

  1. Download the RWIE_3DS_Export.zip archive, that include files that will update your RealWorld Icon Editor copy.
  2. Make sure RWIE is not started. If yes, close it.
  3. In main directory of RWIE, backup the two files RWIconEditor.exe and RWDocument3DStudio.dll.
  4. In main directory of RWIE, copy the three files RWIconEditor.exe, RWDocument3DStudio.dll and 3DSExport.rwcommands, that are contained in the RWIE_3DS_Export.zip archive.
  5. Start RWIE, and open any *.u3d file.
  6. Drag and drop the 3DSExport.rwcommand file on the first RWIE toolbar (toolbar that contain New, Open and Save buttons). After that, a new icon must appear on the toolbar.
  7. Clic on the new inserted icon to export your object to 3DS file. A 3DS Export window appear, that allow you to see how the object will be after 3DS export, depending the level of details of triangulation you specify. More the level of details is high, and more the final exported object will be fine, but more its size will grow.


- The 3DS export function don't support all 3DS format specifications, but exported files are enough for use in Ares 3D viewer, and look very nice.
- The previous procedure is validated and authorised by RWIE software editor.
A big thank to vlastimil.miler (Vlasta) for making this export possible !